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We use a unique blend of natural flavors and meticulous care to ensure each product delivers a consistent and enjoyable experience. Our lineup includes flavors like blue raspberry, watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, and grape, catering to a wide range of palates while providing the distinctive effects of Amanita Muscaria in a safe, measured dose.

Safety is our top priority at Gypsy Lanes Psychedelics. When prepared correctly, our products are safe for consumption. We follow stringent quality control standards, with each batch rigorously tested to ensure safety, purity, and consistency. However, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional if you have any specific health concerns or conditions.

While we make our products with natural ingredients and are generally safe, we advise caution when mixing them with medications or alcohol. The effects can vary based on individual tolerance, the medication involved, and other factors. If you’re considering combining them, we strongly recommend consulting with a healthcare professional first to ensure your safety.

To preserve their efficacy and freshness, they should be kept out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. We also recommend keeping them in their original packaging until you’re ready to enjoy them. Proper storage ensures that the flavor and quality of the gummies remain as delightful as when they were first opened.

The onset and duration of effects can vary depending on several factors, including individual metabolism, body weight, and tolerance. Generally, the effects of Cosmic Melts Amanita Muscaria gummies can begin to be felt within 30 to 60 minutes of consumption, with the peak effects occurring 2 to 3 hours after ingestion. The overall experience can last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, providing a smooth, enjoyable journey throughout. Get in touch with a healthcare professional first to ensure your safety.


The chocolate bars are a real treat! Not only do they taste fantastic, but the price point is unbeatable. Great value for such a high-quality product! Love these Psychedelics
Anthony G.
Their gummies are way stronger than expected—in the best way possible! I was pleasantly surprised by their effectiveness, and the taste is simply divine. These gummies have become a staple in my routine!
Gloria S
Amanita Muscaria gummies before, but none compare to Cosmic Melts' Watermelon flavor. The potency is just right, providing a calming experience without being overpowering. Definitely worth every penny!
Karen R
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Deep in the Redwoods: Gypsy Lanes Psychedelics

Deep within the redwood tapestry of Mendocino County, California, lies Gypsy Lanes Mycology. Founded by four kindred spirits, Gypsy Lane isn’t your average online dispensary. Here, Soul, The Professor, and The Dreamer – united by a reverence for the earth’s hidden potential – purvey medicinal mushrooms, with a special focus on psilocybin.

Their story began on forest trails, where these unassuming fungi ignited personal journeys of discovery. Now, Gypsy Lane offers a chance for others to embark on similar paths. They view their offerings as more than products; they’re a bridge back to nature’s wisdom, a means to reconnect with ourselves and heal from within.

Take the trip of a lifetime on Gypsy Lanes Psychedelics…

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